Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Official.

Well, things are all moved over to Wordpress now!

So please find me at

Here's to many many more posts! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New ness is revealed.

So, you got up Early just to hear what's happen with Slave to the Ordinary right? Right.

I needed to change, honest I did. This blog has all been based upon the quote in the upper right hand corner. Being daring, impractical, being anything that inspired those around me. And I did.

I succeeded.

Now, I have another journey to embark on. The journey of not being a pain in the ass but soaking up every little bit I can of this life.

Am I still a slave to the ordinary day? No.

No longer is this blog accurate. It's like finding an old diary and trying to reapply those thoughts to your current outlook. It just cannot be the same.

I have uploaded all these posts onto WordPress- all your comments too. I really do hope that you will find me over there and continue with me as I embark on this new journey.

Ok, enough jibber jabber. (ten points if you NAME THAT QUOTE!)

The new and exciting journey I am embarking on is:

It might be a few days before everything is up and running. But I have posted a few pages with new crap on them and all. So take a moment and change your reader.

Oh I haven't told you where I am posting? Bad bad me. You're gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

Just kidding. You can change your blog reel to:

What do you think? Will you be following me over there?

Saturday, June 6, 2009


That's it. I am moving. I hope you'll be following me too.

I didn't get my own domain, but rather am in process of moving all my posts etc over to wordpress. I like their setup. I want multiple pages. The restriction of bloggeer is frustrating. Blogger was fabulous to step into the blog world on. Next step is Wordpress. It's like the pull ups you wear before the big girl panties.

I also think that in honour of being just a few posts away from the big 200th post, made me rethink my blog life.

It's time to dump the depressing name. It's time to unify my image. I don't know if I will be changing my twitter account yet. You all can still follow me there for the time being.

I havn't actually moved over to wordpress, I am merely warning you as I set up my blog over there.

Are you anxious to hear my new blog name?

I'll tell you tomorrow. I think it's perfect.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have a secret

I've heard that everyone has a weird neurotic trait. For some, its an alterego. For others it is a tick or learning disability.

I have several imagined neurotic traits. Several neurotic dislikes that I have accepted as a personality trait.

I've got to be the biggest freakshow occupying the planet.

But, the most embarrassing and frusterating and not imagined trait I have... is my secret.

I stutter. *cringe*

I work hard to not let it take over my whole speech all the time. Hubs thinks it cute. My family thinks it slightly annoying. But when I am excited or nervous my words sound like they are in a blender.

It's do frustrating to not be able to communicate like a normal human being. Or to be angry and have my words tumble out sounding nothing like I meant them too.

So it's share time. What is your secret or not so secret trait?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keyword Wednesday

It's that time. The time when all your secrets are displayed on my stat counter. I know what you searched for to find me.

These are the recent keywords that readers have used to find me on Google.

Sometime I've gotta wonder...

1. Messy Beauty- This obviously links to Klara's Blog. But seriously. When I looked it up on google I got nothing but random ridiculous searches. What are you looking for?!?!(Unless you are looking for Klara's blog. And if that's the case, go check it out!)

2. One day as slave- we we forced to harvest tabacco. Are you serious?!

3. guyus as slaves- Sounds like porn to me! Try again later.

4. Tea for my aching tummy- Rooibos (or red bush)tea, honey. Does it every time.

5. letting go- It's hard. But a good Facebook clean out does wonders!

6. stood up quotes- If you don't stand up for something then you'll fall for anthing.

7. Best friend getting married letter- Glad they found me. I could totally help with that. Not.

8. mullet with a farmers tan - Oh the wonders of the internet

9. dahlingitsme- Hi.

10. oh my tummy aches- Why are you tellin Google?

11. funny crap to say- Now this is something I can help with!

12. why do people meddle?- Why the heck should I know?!

13. "the day of destiny" - Tada!

14. How to make my husband a slave- Um.

Pretty Nutso me thinks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pop (goes the weasel) art.

They {Pop art pieces) don't pretend to be precious stuff; they'll be torn down in a little while and others will be put up and so on: they don't give a damn! That's great- and that's art by God, and the best kind, mixed in with life, art without any bluffing or boasting and with in the easy reach of ordinary guys. - Felix Feneon

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not so much into the nicknames...

Apparently I slightly resemble Betty Boop. Cute right?

Not so much.

This has unleashed many horrific nicknames spurred from this...

Bethie Boop


Betty Boopie

Bethy Boopie...

And the greatest Bethie Boob.

Nice right?

I'll let you be the judge here:

Betty Boop? Maybe not so much...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What do YOU want?

I read more than 100 different blogs every day. I don't usually comment, but I read.

I have gleaned some incredible things from these blogs.

Something I have been excited to impliment is a weekly dose of some of my favourite things.

I want to know what you want to hear about.

Do you want more pictures? (Grandma, I'm putting you down on this one as a yes?!)

Some recipes?

Art Techniques?

Creative writing examples and encouragements?

Guest bloggers?


Money/time saving tips?

Funny crap that happens to me?

Books I read/shoes I love?

I suppose, I am leaning the blog away from me and more into things I am passionate about.

I have said 'I' a lot in this post and I want YOU to leave a comment stating "I want you to have..." And give some feedback...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Journey of the Giraffe which is probably the least eventful story in the world. But is complete with pictures.

Of course, I have many giraffe stories. However, I have yet to have a giraffe story with a CAMERA on hand. Lucky for me, while on a walk through our chalet park, we stumbled across this:

I know. Adorable.

I had a camera this time. No make up on my face mind you, but a camera. Proof:

Make-up aint nothing when you are staying in a chalet with a private pool.

We walked 20 metres up to the guy on our side of the fence and he decided to step forward to greet us.

He halved the distance in one step.

I chickened out. Ran away and used the zoom.


The End.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Things I am not a stranger to...

It's been officially three months since Hubs and I returned from honeymoon. Boy, has it been an adventure. Which is fabulous because, as you know, I am no stranger to adventure.

Or Danger...

or beauty

And definitely not hugs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I like my husband.

Hubs is a great guy. He took me to the art store when I told him that everything was 50% off. (In SA the best sales are 35% off at best. This is a BIG sale) I was so excited. We waltz through the steel gate into paradise.

And I saw them.

Inkadinkado Rubber Stamps.

They are gorgeous.

Hubs looked at me when I pulled them off the shelf. I begged he conceded. As I pranced with the joy of holding beautiful objects, he casually mentions "Babe, I have wooden blocks at home for you to decorate." Oh how sweet! I giggled and thanked him and we paid.

Utterly confused, Hubs says, "I'm sorry. How in the hell are you going to fit a BLOCK OF WOOD into a book."

A block of wood?

A block of rubber stamping wood.

And then everything made sense.

Poor supportive Hubs. He did everything to make sure I found joy even if it meant gluing blocks of wood into a book.

Doesn't he win?

Monday, May 25, 2009

I eat toast in bed for revenge.

Oh crumbs. I ate my toast in bed last night.

Oh crumbs Hubbles. Did you really think I'd forget?

Oh crumbs. Crumbs. Crumbs.


Take that, Mr Hubs.

Take those crumbs.

I got my reveng-umbles.

Blog Crush Monday

I am hereby admitting to my one terminal downfall. I fall in love easy. And there are just so many writers that make my heart ooze joy.

So even though frequently my posts have been lamer than lame, and more noob than N00b, I am going to point you in the fabulous directions of some of my favourite Blog Crushes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Megan at Somewhat Voluble. She probably thinks I am stalking her now. Poor thing. But She is also one of those crazy girls who got married before 21 and her blog is utterly heartwarming.

ScoMan at A Name in your Recollection He recently joined Twitter, and we've become great friends. He posts once a week now a days, and even though I protest daily, he will contiue to do so. Sad Day.

Ron at Ronzworld has taken the blog world by storm. He is witty and fresh and inspiring.

Brandy at It's like I'm...mmmagic Its like reading my alterego at times. Utterly fabulous!

Kerri at Your Wishcake. Another ridiculously heartwarming blogger. *sigh* She's like the nice girl in all of us.

So there you have it. My newest blog crushes. I seriously have a reader of a gazzillion blogs and love them all. *double sigh*

Have a fabulous Monday dear ones! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's about you.

Today is about you:

What do you wish there was more hype about?


What do you wish there was less hype about?

Less hype about: Winter

I am so over winter. Let's not talk about it any longer. Maybe if we ignore it it will go away.

More hype about: Sleep.

Sleep. There should be more of it.

Your turn

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My best friend is getting married. Wait. What?!

Meeka is getting married. She's getting married! While my joy is indescribable and my anticipation to save enough cash to be in the States for her wedding is reeking havoc in my mind, my nostalgia is even stronger!

Here is a picture I found of her and her sister and my brother and I. We've been BFFs since we were five. She's come to South Africa twice and I am so excited to join up again.

Rare is the friend that puts up with me for 16 years!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tough Tuesdays

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life

***Winston Churchill ***

Monday, May 18, 2009

Standing up

Personally I don't consider my self either conservative nor liberal. The closest political word for my beliefs is Right-Libertarianism. I believe in freedom. I believe in small government. I believe, like Ronald Reagan, that government is the problem not the solution.

I don't want Gay-rights limiting my opinion. If homosexuals want to have the same rights as heterosexuals- fine. Just don't make me have the same opinion as you do. Give me the freedom to disagree and protest without labelling me a bigot.

I don't want the NRA limiting my opinions either. I don't support the gun laws. I want the right to say so. I also don't support the anti-gun movement. I want the right to say they are both ridiculous.

I don't support abortion. I believe that babies have rights. But I believe that if it's legal, I want the right to say I think it's wrong, just as if it's illegal you want the right to protest about the woman's choice.

I don't like President Obama and the socialist practices he is implementing. I don't approve of President Zuma and the communist policies he is shoving down our throats.

I wish to reserve the right to disagree. And this right is so slowly dissolving under the word "tolerance" and the dogma of being narrow minded.. What is narrow-mindedness? According to Merriam- Webster narrow-mindedness is lacking in tolerance or breadth of vision. According to many, I am narrow minded because I don't agree with popular opinion.

But real narrow mindedness is placing your opinions above others. Being narrow minded is the lack of width in your vision, that you can't see that all this mumbo jumbo is truly just that. Mumbo Jumbo.

Isn't that what tolerance really is? It's not supporting gay rights. Nor is it supporting liberal ideals. True tolerance is respecting opinions, both those that support your view and those in disagreement.

Free Speech as a constitutional right is slowly disappearing. God forbid that Facebook refuses to shut down Aryan Supremacist groups! Where has the freedom to state unpopular opinions gone?

I support a new kind of tolerance. Not of the popular Obama catch phrases but of the respect of differences.

Martin Niemoller said: "In Germany, the Nazis came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me."

The same can be said for our constitutional rights. First they came for Gun rights and I didn't stand up because I didn't own a gun...

The 'tolerants' are coming for Free Speech and I am standing up.

What are your thoughts?

Friday, May 15, 2009

I quit.

I am hereby handing in my resignation to today. I quit today. I quit this week. How do you feel now week?! How do you feel now today?!

I win.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Letters

Dear Nissan,

Why oh why do you install tape decks into post 2000 Almera's. It's uncool. The radio and obscure tapes I happen to have from when I was 8 are really old now.

Please take note. The next car we get will either be silent or equipped with the top of the line Ipod dock. Thank you.


Girl who can no longer tolerate Jeremy Mansfield or Garreth Cliff. Nor the Backstreet boys.

Dear Blogger,

Why do you do your maintenance at 2:00 PDT? This happens to correspond perfectly with my lunch break. The globe just don't run on one timezone.


South African who likes to eat at 12:00 exactly and type up a post.


Dear really big coffee cup,

I love you. And I love the copious amounts of coffee inside you.


Girl who feels overworked today.


Dear Hubs,

Thanks for staying up late with me last night. It helped me feel more like I am 21 and not 81. Plus you talked me through all my internal issues. Who gets a husband like that?! You are the bomb.


Your 21 year old wife


Dear Co-worker

If you seriously don't stop talking about food, while I am trying to diet.... i will kill you.


Girl who already has shed 2 kgs and only has fifty million more to go


Happy hump day you all you out there! Have a better day than I! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letting go Version II

**Don't forget to vote for your favourites!**

Sometimes I envy Hubs.

Not in the I-wish-I-had-a-penis-so-that-I-could-sit-on-the-couch-and-play-xbox-or-computer-games-until-4:30 in the morning-belch-when-I-feel-like-it-and-leave-stink-bombs-in-the-car-for-my-wife kind of way.

Obviously. Ew.

No, what I envy about Hubs is his amazing ability to let go. He no longer feels bitter over his despicable Exes. He doesn't secretly wish that his grade four crush would find him on Facebook to notice how sexy he has become. No longer does he feel the pangs of teenager regret.

Oh to have this skill! I have a hard time letting go!

Remembering kills me sometimes. Nostalgia leads to aching.

I am gearing up to my Facebook clean out. Why am I friends with my fourth grade crush?! Why do I constantly double check my profile picture to make sure I look as thin and beautiful as possible? It is ridiculous! I need to clean them out. I need to be able to let go. I need the courage to know that once I release them, I won't ever need them.

I have everything I have ever needed. So cest la vie

Monday, May 11, 2009

Participation Required

Weirdest thing happened.

I wrote a post.

I posted it.

I got doubled my hit count.

Wait, What?!

Ok, so hello to all those new readers out there. Introduce yourselves dammit!

I've been overly lame lately. So come on.. Please?

I am excited for the growth that has been evident over this blog. While I haven't posted many posts, it's been over two years that I have written here. I have posted a few of the most popular links and a poll.... Tell me which posts are your favourites and need to have a permalink. You can select as many as you wish.

I am also super excited for some additional fun things I am working on! (No Mom/Grandma/Aunties! No babies!)

So vote! And Delurk!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My calling is The Calling

I have really cool taste in music. I won't lie.

I can literally mosh with the metalheads (or Hubs whatevs.)

Or Swoon with the lovers...

Or dance like the hooker on the bar to Kanye West. If you catch me with one too many anythings, I'll be

Quick to the point to the point no faking
I'm cooking MC's like a pound of bacon
Burning them if you ain't quick and nimble
I go crazy when I hear a cymbal
And a hi-hat with a souped up tempo
I'm on a roll and it's time to go solo


I have really cool taste in music.

And Rock is my passion. Maybe it's the three guitars that take residence in our home that gives Hubs and I away as rockers or the slammin' guitar solos screeching from my Hifi or perhaps its my pierced and tattooed body that make the sweet, nice kids run from us.

But behind this...ahem... rough and tough... music genre facade, I have a sweet spot for one of the girliest bands that has ever graced the rock scene.

The Calling.

Where did I meet them?

In my favourite chick flick. Coyote Ugly.


This is my favourite song by them. Go check it out and mock me later!

Have a fabulous friday everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A break

This might just be because I am tired. I might just be tired because Hubs feels the need to be awake at four this morning. I might be overreacting.

However, I am feeling the unrequited need to take a break from life. A break, not from work, not from marriage but from life. From thinking too much. From being sad for no apparent reason. From drifting away.

It seems so weird that I can be so emotional for no reason. I am not usually this way.

I blame it on the upcoming exams. Exams stress me out in the weirdest way. *sigh*

Sometimes it's so rad to be who I am. Othertimes... I wish I could go back to sleep.

And ace exams without a worry.

*double sigh*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top (Kinda) ten things that make today what it is.

1. The plumber arrived... before 8 am... to fix our yucky pipes. God bless him! As I write he is in there tinkering away in the kitchen with Hubs.

2. It sounds as if Hubs has made a new friend. Dinner with the plumber anybody?

3. I got a frantic sms from Pookie, which let to a drunken phone call which can all be rectified today once she wakes up and has less of a hangover.

4. I was able to lay in bed past 6 am... past 6:30 am and only got my lazy ass up once the plumber knocked on the front door at 7:30 am...

5. There is something in knowing that my daily quota of foul language is used up by 7:31am.

6. Tonight I will be able to wash dishes in my kitchen sink again! Oh joys!

7. I can no longer fend off Hub's moans about not having clean clothes... because now my pipes will be fixed. Sad day.

8. Thankfully I can only think of eight things right now. Cut me some slack, its only 28 minutes since I got up!

9. Wait I thought of one more, no wait. It's gone.

10. Skin and bones.

11. Johnny Depp.

Yep. I did conclude my list with Johnny Depp. because he s alive today enhances my chance meeting with him like 100%. SO here's to you Mr. Depp!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Custom Stationary? Yes Please!!

Mrs Newlywed posted a fabulous giveaway for custom stationary Go check it out!!

Kids say Funny crap II

I checked my emails this morning only to receive an email from my 10 year old sister. She just got an email address to help her keep in contact with her friends that are moving away. She needed technical assistance, so she sent me this email.

subject: What is Dom's thing?

i have it but i has drafts what is wrong???????

I has drafts too. It's a lot like swine flu. Deadly.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Twirl in the mirror... Always twirl...

Saw this on my friend's facebook profile. I don't think she took the picture, but it made my day, so I thought I'd share it!

(can't see what thee fuss is about? Look closely at the lady's behind...)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Intimacy and lack thereof

I am a big abstinence supporter. I saved sex for marriage.

It was something that was very important to me.

I wrote this a while ago. It too held a place on my now dead blog.


Virtue, cast not away from me
Marriage let not my heart stray…
Chasteness hear my plea.
Long lashes tremble
Rock and roll ‘til the fever breaks
By and by as strength weakens
The quiet echoes
Patience and grace hold true…

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My blood.

U2 frontman Bono once said: "My definition of art started with: you put your hands under your skin, you break your breastbone, you rip open your ribcage. If you really want to write, that’s what you ought to do. Are you ready to do that? Or is rock ‘n’ roll for you just a pair of shoes and a haircut, or a certain sour existentialism or a certain sweet decay? That is one of my first definitions of art. Blood."

This is my blood.

My intentions when I wrote this poem where to echo my current thoughts in certain post-modernistic thinking. I did this in two ways. Firstly, following the belief that everything that is created has already been created before, I used either a line from another poem, another song or another work of art for each individual line. I also tried to allow the cyclical nature of the subject matter of the poem to further echo this sentiment. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

A Love Song for a Saviour

Tarnished with things unseen

I’m taking the blame

Since the words to comfort

Suddenly rebel at questioning.

Longest I’ve been impermanent

Unsettled and unkind

Shuffle to grace

Summon my demons

Just to push them away…

Falling silent

To stumble...

Grapple with heaven’s mercies

Simple and stained

Searching remains to find you again.

Love’s soft breath strokes the cheek

In time to find…

Resolved, I am to love you

With whatever means are mine.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Words that may not fit sometimes do.

I wrote this as a worthless experiment. It was launched on a separate blog that I am in the process of shutting down.

I want to share it with you.

in the eve of
the tiresome
cant break
breaks Love's
trust bonds
when the pause
no longer

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Giveaway winner!

Oh so exciting! Thanks to those who entered...

I have been trying all morning to rangle a screen shot of the draw. Because you know, that would be friggin' awesome.

It was fun collecting all the points for everyone. Scoman had the highest, Hillbilly the second and Ron the third followed closely by SleepyJane and Being Brazen.

But it all came down to the draw...

The winner of the books and accessories is...

**Hillbilly Duhn**


Please send me an email within 24 hours or it falls to the second in the draw.

Again, thanks to those who entered!


Tweeter... err Twitter.. err something like that.

I'm now on twitter.

Follow me at

Catch ya on the tweet side...

(Lame I know. I can't help it, I was born this way)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just a reminder:

Please nominate a post for your favourites!

And enter **the giveaway!**

I had a fabulouso birthday! Hubs let me sleep in...brought me breakfast in bed... got me beautiful presents...took me shopping...

And cohorted in throwing me a surprise bash!

After which we had a party at the Mugg and Bean with Amaretto and coffee. Which as always, makes me rather happy...

And after that, we stayed up way too late watching Boston Legal. *sigh*

I love birthdays.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Today is my birthday and the end of the poll...

Only one of you were right.

I am officially 21 today.

Boo yah.

In order to celebrate, I am posting a giveaway! Like I promised. So many times :)

One of my favourite things in the world is reading. In this giveaway, you will receive some awesome and amazing books and accessories.

I love these books.

Not just because they are classics. Nor because syaing that I have read and studied themmakes me sound smart. But becuase they are the size of my ID book. Approximetly 10 X 15 cm, they fit perfectly inside your pocket or handbag. Plus they are only around 100 pages long (most are extracts of the orginal).

I will be sending you, the winner, a list of the titles I can get my hands on. You will have the option of which two titles you would prefer. You can also expect some other awesome goodies thrown in just for good measure.

Are you in?

If you want to enter this fabulous giveaway, all you gotta do is write a comment in this post. Your points will be added and entered into the draw.

Points go as follows:

1 point for:

Commenting this month. (Thats one point per comment for the entire month of April)
Nominating a favourite post

And 5 points for:

Posting about this giveaway (or how awesome I am) and telling me about it.
Following Slave to the Ordinary

Worth it? I hope so! :)

Giveaway closes 30 April at 00h00 (GMT +2). Results determined by

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kids say funny crap

Last night was my father's birthday. My 8 year old sister leans over to hubs and says...

"I know stuff. Jacob Zuma is a very bad man. And Barrack Obama kills babies."

I could have died! How funny is that?!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I post twice in one day when I get angry...

I like having criminals in government.

No wait. I don't.

But over 67% of South Africans sure do.

What bothers me about this...

No one else seems bothered.

Why aren't South Africans as angry as I am?

15 years of ANC rule has left SA with broken promises, crime and corruption. Will Zuma spare the country from another 5 years of detriment? Doubt it.

This is bullshit and no one gives a damn. Get angry. I have a US passport. I can leave when I choose. Not everyone can. And it seems as if thinking South Africans have just rolled over. Maybe they don't care.

Maybe it's not my fight. Maybe I shouldn't care either. Maybe I should just leave.

And maybe, just maybe I will.

The one whereby I steal Scoman's ideas

Don't misunderstand. I am totally anti-plagerism. However... I need to theive. Kleptomania... sometimes takes over me....

Scoman mentioned in on of his posts that there is going to be a top post link list on his blog and now I WANT IT!

So please nominate Your favourite posts of mine. I'll put them up on a post to vote for your #1.

I am just that narssastic... I know it's the one with my looking h.o.t. right?

Or the one about the Moose?

Or the one about being Naked?

Come on... Nominate... :) Top 3 get permalinks in my sidebar. :)

xxoo (btw 3 days until my birthday and some sembalance of a giveaway! :) )

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes I am a tad Bipolar...

I have unhappiness oozing through me today, as South Africans go to the voting stations to elect South Africa's morally corrupt and corrosive new president. I wish I could just state all my concerns in this blog. But, alas, the web can only hold so much hatred.

----- HAPPY BREAK-----

And on to something totally different and completely unrelated.

ScoMan tagged me.

What is my interior design style?

Oh so much fun... How did he know?

My flat is a modge podge of Art Deco. why? Because it makes me happy.

It's ironic. I actually hated studying Art Deco as a movement. It's just too... slap you in the face.

But now? I absolutely LOVE it!

(oh my the way, Those photos actually are nothing I own (sad day)... yay to google images for those babies)

Hey hey a mere five days until my birthday. Have you voted in my poll? GO DO IT!

Before I get PMS on your ass...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yesterday I learned

1. I am no good at HTML

2. My side bar is too cluttered.

3. Being eight years old is the best age in the world.

4. Kindred spirits often have differences about really important things.

5. Sometimes I get really frustrated with those I love the most.

6. Men are really confusing.

7. Mac and Cheese was meant to be eaten with ribs.

8. Eating too much Mac&ribs make a really sore tummy when topped off with birthday cake.

9. At times, I am interested in nothing but sleeping.


10. I am not a ninja and should really stop trying to high kick the door frame. or Hubs' face.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Two in one day?! I am awesome

Two posts, one day. I know. Awesome.

I have created a button. YAY!Edited: Apparently a non working button... I know I suck... Re-edited to say: I totally fixed it. Victory! You can totally disregard any doubts in my geekiness...

Here she is...

Hopefully I can figure out how to give you the URL to add this to your own beautiful site...

Oh, and you can totally add Slave to the Ordinary to your RSS feed now. Woohoo.

I feel so geekified. Hubs would be proud.

Apparently I blog about South African politics a lot.

I like South Africa. Honest.

And I like politics. Double Honest.

Politics in South Africa scare the crap out of me.

It scares me that Jacob Zuma is predicted to be elected on Wednesday as the next president of South Africa. btw... read that link above any other link on this post.

Next election I want to be president of South Africa. Oh wait. I can't.

Maybe if I just get a criminal record first, then I will be applicable.

This is a crock.

The South African so called democracy is such a bunch of flooey.

Pity. Because I like this place. Honest.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Today is fantastic. I have decided and firmed up my giveaway a little bit. Woohoo... Sneak peak?

I don't think so.

But I can tell you... it is gorgeous. It's is one of my obsessions and it will be in just your size.

So stick around and you may just see a few more hint-aroonies later in the week.

Giveaway scheduled for... my birthday... or just there after...

Watch me get a little scandalous.

If you haven't noticed, there have been a few references to points. Know that everytime you do something awesome, you get a point. I am just letting you know. Refer someone to me. Point. Follow me? Point. You know how this works.

There's some hints. It's going to be awesome. I won't lie.

Btw. New poll. My first poll... Give it a shot-aroonie. Wow that is fun to say. Awesome.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me on a silver platter

So, it's no new news that I am not shy. Meek, mild and gentle are not my characteristics. No one has ever classified me as laid-back.

These are things I am not.

I am, however, arty. I blame it on my mother. I am contantly in book stores researching a new playwrite or enjoying an old one.

I found a blog today that... I could have written myself... without sarcasm and overt snarkiness.

Chic Geek
appeals deeply to the finer details in everyday. I am hooked.

She posted a meme that looked like a lot of fun. And by fun I mean a chance to wow you all with my seriousness.

I am not always a snarky biotch. Unless of course you ask my neighbors...

1. Have you ever been influenced by a work of art – music or painting– and if so, how?

I have to narrow this question. It's like asking what types of foods keep you alive-

It's all of them.


This piece by Goya rocked my world:

Saturn, Goya 1820-1823

It haunted me. How can somehting so disasterous be so beautiful? How can I be appalled and enchanted simutaniously? I would call this painting the cornerstone of my view on art. Beauty is not limited to beautiful objects.


I saw this video a few days ago. I wouldn't say the song inspired me. I wouldn't say the woman inspired me. I wouldn't be able to actually pinpoint a certian anything that made this performance extraordinary. Maybe it is truely just her story that rocked my spirit. Take a peak and see what I mean.

Also, my personal fight song has to be Foo Fighters 'Best of You'. It was so commercialised it saddened me as it spoke to my guts like it belonged there. If you don't know it click here. But even if you do know it, watch the video and be amazing any way.

2. If you were a chocolate bar, what type would you be?

I like chocolate. If I were a chocolate bar I would be a self consuming canabal and I am so oveer that idea. Sorry but no.

3. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex?

My eyes are fiery green most days. Some days they are milky brown. Either way, they helped Hubs fall for me. Them and my outrageous calves. One flash of those crumble.

4. What, in your opinion, is your greatest accomplishment?

Already I have lived in two opposing cultures for several years, learning their positives and negatives. I have learned to adapt and change and learn. I have had to question my religion, my self, my future and my ideals. I have found my soulmate and started over. These are all my greatest accomplishments. I may have a few published poems. I may have begun my writing career with a bit of a bang, but those aren't what I count as accomplishments. I am a growing and mature woman who is certian. And that, to me, weighs more than any silly piece of paper.

5. How many friends do you have on your Facebook account?

273. I recently had a friend purge to only those I actually keep in contact with.

See? Wasn't that glorious? If you are keen, send me the answers to those questions either on your blog, in a comment, or even in email.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Noisy Neighbors

We have new neighbors at the Hiccup's home.

No I am not being cute here. I really did get new neighbors.

Not cute ones either. They have lived there one night and I have learned the following things about them:

1. They like many things mainly, short big men... who are very short; dance music at odd hours and lots of alcohol

2. Favourite activities include: stealing my parking and singing very loudly along with the 'beep beeps beeps' of doof doof music

3. Habits include: leaving the front door open during their clothed orgies, and irritating us by knocking on the door to ask us odd questions when we have ultra conservative guests over.

4. Reason that I dislike them: They hit on my husband with their sultry drunken eyes

And so, I plot my revenge.

Passive aggression is awesome.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter White Ninja Style

I don't feel like I need to share my faith with you today. How cliched! Instead I am giving you a treat- a break from the piousness that easter brings. Enjoy.


Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A break from the sugary sweetness

I love treats. Obviously.

However, what good is sweetness without the sour? If we did not know hate, would we know love? Without an enemy would we value friendship?

Of course not.

I have been focussing on the treats in my life. All while a brief email from someone I knew in the past shook me back into reality.

I may be in love with the greatest man on the planet. He might treat me like a princess, but if I don't remember the boys who didn't treat me like he does, I'll never really appreciate him. I'd grow complacent in his love.

The email was from one of those who didn't see my beauty the same way Hubs does. He didn't see my value. He didn't realise my potential.

I may have cared about him long ago, but now? no thank you.

I choose Hubs everyday anyday over you and your kind Mr. ukboy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Because I live food.

One of my favourite Easter treats can’t be found in South Africa.

Peeps complete my life.

For a wonderful Easter gift my aunt who resides in Florida sent my mother 15 boxes of Peeps. Today she shared one tray with me.

Life is glorious mainly because the sugary goodness is staring at me at my office desk reminding me that it is still a few more hours until lunch.

Once lunch passes they will remind me that I neeeeed to go back home.

Even just to stock up on my favourites.

Why are peeps so awesome you may ask?

Check what they can do!

And even

Rock on Peeps. Rock freakin’ on.

What is your favourite holiday treat?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

dirty messy beauty = Treat of the day

Besties make the best blogging treats.

Maybe because I get the behind the story story or something... I don't know.

Klara and I in the internet world are like Tia and Jenbun. In Hollywood we're Paris and Nicole, and in serial killers? we're Bonnie and Clyde (in my world Clyde is just a fabulous woman with a slightly masculine name and ultimately fabulous shoes).

Anyway, somehow I managed to talk her into sharing her story. She's an incredible writer. She's hilarious. She's amazing.

In fact, if you like me? You'll love her.

Her life may not be show-stoppingly clean but it is real. And authenticity is something many of us forgo. Drama chases her and, boy, the situation she manages to get into... and out of... makes one hell of an awesome blog.

Please go check her out. And by check I mean read her blog and comment. There is extra points in there for those who do! **giveaway hint maybe?**

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Hillbilly in the Holler Hole

Here she is, as I promised you... Hillbilly Duhn.

To read the beginning of this strange tale go to: Hillbilly Duhn

Hillbilly Duhn was beginning to get tired of sitting in the holler watching squirrels jump from tree to tree. Once, a woodpecker flew by to land on a nearby tree to tap, tap, tap. And twice a rabbit hopped by to nibble on some clover, another time some dandelion leaves, only to hop away again, lost from view behind an old oak tree.

The Hillbilly plucked a piece of wheat grass that had been swaying in the wind to stick in her mouth and chew as she ponder the trees and critters around her; feeling the warmth from the humid day, she leaned back against the nearest tree.

Feeling a little languid from the lazy afternoon, sleep was knocking, knocking on the Hillbilly's lids, when suddenly the dandelion chewing rabbit ran so close, she could reach out and touch him.

Be it the sleepy haze the Hillbilly had fell into or something far more extraordinary, she was bewitched by the sight of the rabbit and thought she heard a whispered voice floating upon the wind, "I'm late."

Hillbilly Duhn took pause in this. Looked around quickly for evidence of another person, and then back at the rabbit once again to find it standing to the right of the old oak tree upon it's hind legs. The rabbit glanced over at the big eyed Hillbilly, smiled, winked and disappeared down a hole....

Hillbilly Duhn jumped up so quickly she stumbled on a tree root. After righting herself, thought, "Well, that's just ain't right." and quickly ran after the rabbit.

Without hesitation, followed the rabbit down the hole.

It seemed like days, weeks even, before she reached the bottom. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as she slowly fell down the darkened hole. And finally when she reached the bottom, she fell into a stack of branches and twigs in the middle of a forest.

Looking around, it wasn't the same forest she left. There were trees, grass and all, but not the same. Everything seemed larger some how. Bigger. Hillbilly Duhn looked around and saw a passage up ahead. It looked well traveled, for the grass was beat down and the trees canopied above.

Standing, Hillbilly brushed off her backside and started toward the path...

She came upon a sign, that read, "You are here." With a tiny picture of a sable antelope.

Now, this much the Hillbilly knew, cause Hillbilly's know their critters, sable antelopes were a critter born to Africa. And out loud the Hillbilly said, "I sure as heck ain't in the holler anymore."

And continued on down the path, in search of the rabbit...

So, here I've landed in Africa, ME, Hillbilly Duhn, in a land so foreign to me. I decided to continue on down the path. I feel lost, a little out of place. When to my left I happened to notice a hall.

"A hall?" I said out loud to the trees.

I walked toward it, to see it lined with many doors, all locked, and no keys to be found. So I continued on.

When I stumbled across a tree that had been cut down into a table trunk, upon it lay a tiny golden key. Too small for any of the doors the Hillbilly had passed. Confused, and beginning to feel tired and more then just a little out of place. Hillbilly Duhn sat down on the dirt floor next to the tree trunk table, fingering the little golden key and sighed.

It seems my friends, that I've followed a character into a story and found myself in the land in which Random Hiccups resides. I'm wondering if she's around here somewhere, down in the holler hole. I'll keep on looking about this place, trying to find the door that fits this tiny key, until then, I'll rest with my head upon my knees...

**To follow the adventure of the Hillbilly in the Holler Hole, Tomorrow, Hillbilly Duhn will be guest blogging at ScoMan's - a name in your recollection Hope to see you there!

If you want to be featured or guest post on Slave to the Ordinary, send me an email!

Wasn't this fun?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Treats are fun because it's nearly my birthday

I am having lots of fun planning lots of fun treats for you all as a month long celebration of my birthday. If I weren't a lady I'd tell you my age, because I am very proud of it. However, lady code says I am not allowed. *pity*

Yesterday's face lift was treat number one. No more eye injuring bright colours for you lovely people.

(Plus Photoshop experience is needed in my new position at work and I like to keep skillz fresh and all)

In any case. This month's shenanigans may or may not involve a giveaway. (I know I have said this before and not followed through but this time I mean it... maybe) A giveaway of one of my favourite things. I learned this was my favourite thing not long after Meeka arrived a few months ago. Story to come...later...

It all boils down to me. And my birthday.

Tomorrow, a treat for you my lovely readers. Hillbilly Duhn and I go waaaaay back. She was one of my first loyal readers and we have grown into wonderful bloggy friends. Can't wait to read what you have down your sleeve Hillbilly!

Let the treats begin!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Change is muy bueno

Do you like the new facelift?

I can't resist changing things around. What growth from my first post!

I'm a fan of change.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Searching for Fool's Gold.

When I was a kid I truly believed that I was the richest girl in the world because I had a treasure chest full of gold. My foot locker had serious bling-age. Eye blinding sparkly goodness.

I was happy rummaging through my pieces of gold, emeralds and amethyst. I had even found a few precious white rocks from the gravel that I was convinced would turn into beautiful stones with time.

I was happy. I had my sparkle. But I didn't know that my precious gold and gems were merely polished rocks with a slight glimmer.

I spent a lot of my life happy with a little glimmer. I found the boys who would glimmered just a little, the friends with glimmer and the church with glimmer.

But that's all it was- a little glimmer.

The first diamond I have ever owned was given to me by Hubs. I still get lost in the sparkle and shine like I did as a child admiring my polished 'jewels'. Except I know that this is costly. This is real.

This life I live is real. The choices I make are real.

No more fools gold for me. No more imitations. I am no longer searching for more fool's gold.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heavy meddle.

So, I consider myself an adult.

(Apparently, previous to being married I considered myself an-almost-adult.)

Anyway, now that I am an adult I have all these new *wonderful* experience.

Like.... the wonderful joys of...meddling.

Previous to marriage no one gives a rats ass about your future plans in life. No one seems to give a crap about how many children you want to have (and conclude with intellengent people having more children to repopulate the planet with clever children. Or how 4 children is too many for the earth to sustian), whether you want natural birth (because it's the 'natural' way), or whether you are using the pill as contraception (because it might just maybe make you sterile). I never had any of these conversations before.

No one cared how often I did my laundry or if I fed my husband five fruits and veggies a day and gave him a multivitamin.

Now, however, these are questions that are asked. And I am still dumbfounded.

(Allegedly I am now his lover, mother, house keeper AND doctor. hmph)


My mother's birthday was yesterday and she was hit with the meddling aunt. And boy, did I take notes! She was very gracious and kindly thanked the aunt for the advice and firmly corrected her. These things in her life were just fine. The aunt may not have shut up right away, but she did eventually.


I learned so much last night about handling meddling friends and family (and people who think they are or should be family).

How do you handle meddlesome people in your life? Extra points if you share a story.

(Because I'm totally into the point system)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April is birthday month.

I’ve been craving birthday cake…and for good reason. In the next four weeks I have 9 birthdays of my family to celebrate including my own.

Parties are the bomb.

Stay tuned for the chaos to come...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In little town called Kickapoo

I love a good stoner flick.

And I wish I were joking.

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny is possibly the top stoner DVD in my home. Hallelujah. I can’t get enough. Whether or not I’ve seen it earlier today I want to watch it again.

I’ve got a rocker thing because Jack Black totally does it in that movie! Give me Dave Grohl any day over Brad Pitt. Give me Johnny Depp over RPazz. Give me freaking Johnny Cash over George Clooney.

Any day.

Especially Johnny Depp.


Elizabeth thinks rock is magical and rad. (And rockers are even better)

*Off I go to change my Facebook Status to the most legend line ever*

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad case of the Mondays

Some days I like to think that I am going to have a good day. I like to think this way, it keeps me motivated. Good day good day…

Until I get out of bed…

Maybe it’s a little post-wedding blues. Maybe it’s the changing of seasons. Or maybe just maybe it’s intuition being a bitch. I can feel when my days are going to be crappy. It’s my gift and my curse. The days when Hubs moved the soap so far away that I can’t reach it from the bath or when he used the last of the loo paper without replacing the roll, I just know deep in my gut that I should go straight back to bed.

But I don’t. I trudge on. Trudging means hope. Hope that tomorrow will be smoother. Hope that in a few weeks I will catch a breath. Hope that in the end things will get better. I will be okay.

That’s what I choose to believe anyway.

Maybe if I believe in unicorns strong enough too they might just collect me to take me on a magical ride…

*sigh* ...Magical ride...

Although, in actual fact, I hate horses. And that picture completely freaks me the heck out. So nevermind. I'll deal very happily with the misplaced soap and lack of loo paper thank you very much!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I have been a naughty girl.

I have completely neglected this blog! Typical. I have this problem. Honest, I do.

Yesterday I was looking for something to do whilst Hubs surfed the net (I mean what is there to do without internet?!)

Clearly not much.

So I found my knitting. It was a half completed square of nothing. Sad.

I found my record handbag that I am trying to sew together… I started it in high school…. Several years ago…

I found my wedding scrapbook from our engagement… with all the stuff I want to use in it but nothing actually assembled.

I have a problem.

I found an oil pastel drawing… with only the basic shapes drawn out and highlighted.

I found three different photo albums that have not been completed, six journals that arer half filled out…. And a pile of colour sorted laundry next to my washing machine.

hm. And I accuse Hubs for not having any follow through….

I’ve got a bit of plank/eye syndrome…


Monday, March 16, 2009

A Moment to Muse.

Growing up is difficult.

Growing up means dirty dishes, dirty laundry and dirty bath tubs. It means late night dinners, early morning breakfasts and the occasional forgotten lunch.

Growing up means no more ‘free food’, ‘free internet’, ‘free television’, It means quiet in you home. It means organising cupboards and knowing where the knives are actually kept.

Growing up means late night parties. Sometimes means eating cookies for dinner and cleaning my own throw-up… Taking him to the doctor, the dentist and the grocery store.

Growing up means constant nostalgia. It means quiet aching. It means mine and yours and ours.

Growing up is difficult. Growing up is grand. Growing up and stepping out and testing the land.

Sometimes finding it stable and sometimes it’s merely sand.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wedding overview

Ok guyus. this is the last post I'll post about the wedding. Unless of course you HAVE to hear more... But then even that is a gamble. There is just so much going on in my day that I can barely breathe nevermind think about how glorious my wedding was.

So here is the final post about the wedding. Next I promise to bring back the humourous, snarky insightful writer you all fell in love with (please you are too kind)

Here are our centrepieces:

We sunk gladiolas, roses and... get this... chillies... in vases.

This is our guest book. We had a scrapbook for our guests, they signes and decorated the page as they liked and we took their photo to place on the designated square. It was a huge hit. Awesome.

This is the hall we held our reception in:

The arches sasid, Cherish, dream and live. Our wedding theme was: "Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today".

Here's where I met my groom. My baby sister is behind me. Love it.

Random Photos...

Love it!