Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yesterday I learned

1. I am no good at HTML

2. My side bar is too cluttered.

3. Being eight years old is the best age in the world.

4. Kindred spirits often have differences about really important things.

5. Sometimes I get really frustrated with those I love the most.

6. Men are really confusing.

7. Mac and Cheese was meant to be eaten with ribs.

8. Eating too much Mac&ribs make a really sore tummy when topped off with birthday cake.

9. At times, I am interested in nothing but sleeping.


10. I am not a ninja and should really stop trying to high kick the door frame. or Hubs' face.


Being Brazen said...

What? your not a ninja - I am dissapointed ;-)

Nice list

ScoMan said...

I have never eaten mac and cheese or ribs. Am I a bad person?

Ninjas are aweseome. I have a picture I'll share in a future post.

Sleep is awesome too. But I have no pictures of that.

sleepyjane said...

Men are confusing. I totally agree.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I'm still gafawing over the fact that ScoMan has never eaten mac and cheese or ribs!! That just ain't right!! LOL~

Random Hiccups said...

I think Scoman needs an intervention. Or at least an introduction.

... never eaten Mac and cheese? I am not talking about the blue box junk but the homemade macaroni and cheese sauce with baked cheese yumminess. Sad day. You should. Maybe one day I'll post a recipe for you...

Christina said...

I'm not an ninja either. :-(
But I still keep trying!

deola said...

Men are confusing? I think women are?

ScoMan said...

Sorry, still can't say I've ever tried it.

It's not really a big thing over here. Or maybe just not in my family.

I do love anything with cheese though.