Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top (Kinda) ten things that make today what it is.

1. The plumber arrived... before 8 am... to fix our yucky pipes. God bless him! As I write he is in there tinkering away in the kitchen with Hubs.

2. It sounds as if Hubs has made a new friend. Dinner with the plumber anybody?

3. I got a frantic sms from Pookie, which let to a drunken phone call which can all be rectified today once she wakes up and has less of a hangover.

4. I was able to lay in bed past 6 am... past 6:30 am and only got my lazy ass up once the plumber knocked on the front door at 7:30 am...

5. There is something in knowing that my daily quota of foul language is used up by 7:31am.

6. Tonight I will be able to wash dishes in my kitchen sink again! Oh joys!

7. I can no longer fend off Hub's moans about not having clean clothes... because now my pipes will be fixed. Sad day.

8. Thankfully I can only think of eight things right now. Cut me some slack, its only 28 minutes since I got up!

9. Wait I thought of one more, no wait. It's gone.

10. Skin and bones.

11. Johnny Depp.

Yep. I did conclude my list with Johnny Depp. because he s alive today enhances my chance meeting with him like 100%. SO here's to you Mr. Depp!


sleepyjane said...

Kudos to you for posting before 8 am. That in itself is admirable.

ScoMan said...

Kudos to hubby for making a new friend before 8am. That is also admirable.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

MMmmmm Johnny Depp....