Monday, May 11, 2009

Participation Required

Weirdest thing happened.

I wrote a post.

I posted it.

I got doubled my hit count.

Wait, What?!

Ok, so hello to all those new readers out there. Introduce yourselves dammit!

I've been overly lame lately. So come on.. Please?

I am excited for the growth that has been evident over this blog. While I haven't posted many posts, it's been over two years that I have written here. I have posted a few of the most popular links and a poll.... Tell me which posts are your favourites and need to have a permalink. You can select as many as you wish.

I am also super excited for some additional fun things I am working on! (No Mom/Grandma/Aunties! No babies!)

So vote! And Delurk!


Hillbilly Duhn said...

I'm a little jealous I

Trina said...

I'm gonna do this like an AA meeting.. My name is Trina, and I'm a new follower. ;) Love the blog.

ScoMan said...

I'm a new follower. Hello there, nice to meet you.

I'll come back tonight after work and read all the posts there and vote for the ones I like.

Tangent Girl said...

*Stands up AA stylee*

I just found your blog a few days ago and love it. I'll have a look through shortly and come back to you on fav posts.

TG :)

Anonymous said...

Np lurker here. Just regular old me! ;)