Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes I am a tad Bipolar...

I have unhappiness oozing through me today, as South Africans go to the voting stations to elect South Africa's morally corrupt and corrosive new president. I wish I could just state all my concerns in this blog. But, alas, the web can only hold so much hatred.

----- HAPPY BREAK-----

And on to something totally different and completely unrelated.

ScoMan tagged me.

What is my interior design style?

Oh so much fun... How did he know?

My flat is a modge podge of Art Deco. why? Because it makes me happy.

It's ironic. I actually hated studying Art Deco as a movement. It's just too... slap you in the face.

But now? I absolutely LOVE it!

(oh my the way, Those photos actually are nothing I own (sad day)... yay to google images for those babies)

Hey hey a mere five days until my birthday. Have you voted in my poll? GO DO IT!

Before I get PMS on your ass...


ScoMan said...

Do you think the web might already have all the hatred it can handle? I wonder what will happen then if we spilled more out there. Would it remove some of the already out of date hatred?

I wonder if the fact you seemed to go heavy on the beds in the design pictures means you enjoy a good nap. I wonder if that is part of your style.

"A bed in every room! You never know when the urge to nap may strike!"

I've voted already. It seems somebody out there agreed with me.

Cyndi said...

Sorry to hear about your election, after the whole George Bush thing here in America, I can feel your pain.

I love those pictures. I wish my house could look like that, but like yours, it does not...

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I voted just now. I wonder if I am correct.

I love art deco.

Christina said...

Those are some awesome pics you found. Enjoy your day!