Friday, April 24, 2009

The one whereby I steal Scoman's ideas

Don't misunderstand. I am totally anti-plagerism. However... I need to theive. Kleptomania... sometimes takes over me....

Scoman mentioned in on of his posts that there is going to be a top post link list on his blog and now I WANT IT!

So please nominate Your favourite posts of mine. I'll put them up on a post to vote for your #1.

I am just that narssastic... I know it's the one with my looking h.o.t. right?

Or the one about the Moose?

Or the one about being Naked?

Come on... Nominate... :) Top 3 get permalinks in my sidebar. :)

xxoo (btw 3 days until my birthday and some sembalance of a giveaway! :) )


ScoMan said...

Oh yes, I was meant to tell you you are free to steal the idea if you wish =D

I've always loved the first post of yours I ever read, which was the one about the train that was going to crash and you had to decide if you would sacrifice many to save one, or sacrifice one to save yourself. Something like that.

The moose one is also good.

Can I nominate two?

Well, I just did.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I have to roll with Sco on this one. I too was enthralled with the train post. It showed what kind of person that you are, also made your reader really think about such a situation.

Also, I kinda favor nakedness, so gosh, it's pretty tough to choose!! :)