Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zapiro is my hero

I love Zapiro.

Today he has come into hot water yet again because of a cartoon published by the Sunday Times earlier this year. Jacob Zuma is suing Jonathon Shapiro (Zapiro) and the Sunday Times for R7 million. The claim consists of R5m for alleged damage to Zuma's reputation and R2m for alleged damage to his dignity (as said by NEWS24).

The cartoon, posted below, shows lady justice being pinned down by political leaders and Zuma preparing to rape her.

Has Zapiro crossed the line?

I personally side with Shapiro. The elitism of the South African government is disgusting. The disregard for justice is more than merely concerning. This is a blatant and shocking image that accurately reflects my own shock and disgust. The fact that Zuma has recently been acquitted of rapes charges is moot. This is clearly a separate issue.

Pity, because I wouldn't mind writing another post about how much I despise Zuma and the ANC. I am ashamed of you ANC. I am ashamed of you Zuma.


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