Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Official.

Well, things are all moved over to Wordpress now!

So please find me at

Here's to many many more posts! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New ness is revealed.

So, you got up Early just to hear what's happen with Slave to the Ordinary right? Right.

I needed to change, honest I did. This blog has all been based upon the quote in the upper right hand corner. Being daring, impractical, being anything that inspired those around me. And I did.

I succeeded.

Now, I have another journey to embark on. The journey of not being a pain in the ass but soaking up every little bit I can of this life.

Am I still a slave to the ordinary day? No.

No longer is this blog accurate. It's like finding an old diary and trying to reapply those thoughts to your current outlook. It just cannot be the same.

I have uploaded all these posts onto WordPress- all your comments too. I really do hope that you will find me over there and continue with me as I embark on this new journey.

Ok, enough jibber jabber. (ten points if you NAME THAT QUOTE!)

The new and exciting journey I am embarking on is:

It might be a few days before everything is up and running. But I have posted a few pages with new crap on them and all. So take a moment and change your reader.

Oh I haven't told you where I am posting? Bad bad me. You're gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

Just kidding. You can change your blog reel to:

What do you think? Will you be following me over there?

Saturday, June 6, 2009


That's it. I am moving. I hope you'll be following me too.

I didn't get my own domain, but rather am in process of moving all my posts etc over to wordpress. I like their setup. I want multiple pages. The restriction of bloggeer is frustrating. Blogger was fabulous to step into the blog world on. Next step is Wordpress. It's like the pull ups you wear before the big girl panties.

I also think that in honour of being just a few posts away from the big 200th post, made me rethink my blog life.

It's time to dump the depressing name. It's time to unify my image. I don't know if I will be changing my twitter account yet. You all can still follow me there for the time being.

I havn't actually moved over to wordpress, I am merely warning you as I set up my blog over there.

Are you anxious to hear my new blog name?

I'll tell you tomorrow. I think it's perfect.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have a secret

I've heard that everyone has a weird neurotic trait. For some, its an alterego. For others it is a tick or learning disability.

I have several imagined neurotic traits. Several neurotic dislikes that I have accepted as a personality trait.

I've got to be the biggest freakshow occupying the planet.

But, the most embarrassing and frusterating and not imagined trait I have... is my secret.

I stutter. *cringe*

I work hard to not let it take over my whole speech all the time. Hubs thinks it cute. My family thinks it slightly annoying. But when I am excited or nervous my words sound like they are in a blender.

It's do frustrating to not be able to communicate like a normal human being. Or to be angry and have my words tumble out sounding nothing like I meant them too.

So it's share time. What is your secret or not so secret trait?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keyword Wednesday

It's that time. The time when all your secrets are displayed on my stat counter. I know what you searched for to find me.

These are the recent keywords that readers have used to find me on Google.

Sometime I've gotta wonder...

1. Messy Beauty- This obviously links to Klara's Blog. But seriously. When I looked it up on google I got nothing but random ridiculous searches. What are you looking for?!?!(Unless you are looking for Klara's blog. And if that's the case, go check it out!)

2. One day as slave- we we forced to harvest tabacco. Are you serious?!

3. guyus as slaves- Sounds like porn to me! Try again later.

4. Tea for my aching tummy- Rooibos (or red bush)tea, honey. Does it every time.

5. letting go- It's hard. But a good Facebook clean out does wonders!

6. stood up quotes- If you don't stand up for something then you'll fall for anthing.

7. Best friend getting married letter- Glad they found me. I could totally help with that. Not.

8. mullet with a farmers tan - Oh the wonders of the internet

9. dahlingitsme- Hi.

10. oh my tummy aches- Why are you tellin Google?

11. funny crap to say- Now this is something I can help with!

12. why do people meddle?- Why the heck should I know?!

13. "the day of destiny" - Tada!

14. How to make my husband a slave- Um.

Pretty Nutso me thinks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pop (goes the weasel) art.

They {Pop art pieces) don't pretend to be precious stuff; they'll be torn down in a little while and others will be put up and so on: they don't give a damn! That's great- and that's art by God, and the best kind, mixed in with life, art without any bluffing or boasting and with in the easy reach of ordinary guys. - Felix Feneon