Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heavy meddle.

So, I consider myself an adult.

(Apparently, previous to being married I considered myself an-almost-adult.)

Anyway, now that I am an adult I have all these new *wonderful* experience.

Like.... the wonderful joys of...meddling.

Previous to marriage no one gives a rats ass about your future plans in life. No one seems to give a crap about how many children you want to have (and conclude with intellengent people having more children to repopulate the planet with clever children. Or how 4 children is too many for the earth to sustian), whether you want natural birth (because it's the 'natural' way), or whether you are using the pill as contraception (because it might just maybe make you sterile). I never had any of these conversations before.

No one cared how often I did my laundry or if I fed my husband five fruits and veggies a day and gave him a multivitamin.

Now, however, these are questions that are asked. And I am still dumbfounded.

(Allegedly I am now his lover, mother, house keeper AND doctor. hmph)


My mother's birthday was yesterday and she was hit with the meddling aunt. And boy, did I take notes! She was very gracious and kindly thanked the aunt for the advice and firmly corrected her. These things in her life were just fine. The aunt may not have shut up right away, but she did eventually.


I learned so much last night about handling meddling friends and family (and people who think they are or should be family).

How do you handle meddlesome people in your life? Extra points if you share a story.

(Because I'm totally into the point system)


Being Brazen said...

Thankfully I dont have too many people meddling in my life.

When people do I usually ignore them or answer their questions as ridiculously as I can :)

ScoMan said...

I tend to just nod and smile at the meddlers until they tire themselves out.

I know that any meaningful input the conversation by myself will prolong the meddling.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Meddling. Don't you just love it! Being on my second marriage, going through one in law and now dealing with another, yeah I've got plenty of nosey noses that like to stick in their opinions, UNWANTED. Usually I smile, listen to what they have to say, letting it slip in one ear and out the other. Keeping the peace is always better then stirring the pot. Unless you can't stand it anymore, then usually somebody doesn't speak to you for awhile or they call you nasty names....

Carla said...

Hillbilly Duhn, you are so right! It's really something that you have to settle in your own mind realizing that their opinions have no bearing on the reality that is your own life. There is no one outside of myself (though my husband probably has the closest idea) of what constitutes the descisions I make, or what puts me into the situations I am in - and realizing that they don't have the entire picture limits their ability to offer "advice" that is truly suitable to my circumstance. This realization might help to release the "receiver" from the feelings of utter frustration and irritation toward the giver.

sleepyjane said...

Like Brazen I don't really have anyone that meddle. Except maybe my mom but then I just smile, nod, and do my own thing anyway. ;)