Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's about you.

Today is about you:

What do you wish there was more hype about?


What do you wish there was less hype about?

Less hype about: Winter

I am so over winter. Let's not talk about it any longer. Maybe if we ignore it it will go away.

More hype about: Sleep.

Sleep. There should be more of it.

Your turn


ScoMan said...

I wish there was less hype about the Australian woman who got thrown in a Thai prison and come home today because there was a big media thing and the government was forced into doing something. She broke the laws of that country, she deserves the punishment that country dishes out.

More hype about.. umm.. I don't know, that ones hard.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I think there should be less hype about our new found President and the changes he plans on making and less hype about recession and more hype about the good things in life. The things that draw people together...HAPPINESS!

Trina said...

Less: The economy

I've always been broke.

More: Recycling

I like trees, fresh air, and clean water. :)

InkyFingers said...

I agree with previous posters re: less economy crap. It only gives the flakes an excuse to not be responsible financially and blame it on the "economy."

More about get off your butt and make the best of what you have.