Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Humiliating the Aussies.

This morning I got such a beautiful wake up listening to our local radio station. Darren (whackhead) Simpson pranked 2day Fm in Sydney. How brilliant is this?

As payback for recent criticism, Simpson posed as Tom Cruise's crew and claimed to offer Kyle and Jackie O a phone interview with Tom Cruise. 2day FM promoted and prepared for the interview extensively only to find that they had been fooled. The Australian prankers had been pranked by South Africa's very own Prankster. I will admit, Kyle and Jackie O handled the surprise very graciously. Go Darren!

I can't help but wonder (and look forward to) when Jackie O gets Darren back for this wonderful morning guffaw (let's be honest, it wasn't a mere giggle but a "lets get the guy sitting opposite to me in traffic to stare at my open mouth and closed eyes" guffaw)

If you want to listen to the prank yourself, go here.

Oh yes, and didn't South Africa kick the Aussies in the Cricket? I sure think they did.


ScoMan said...

I think we were just as happy Darren got Kyle as you were. We all hate Kyle here. Seriously, I don't know how that guy keeps his job.

On the Cricket side of things, yeah, we weren't so happy about that.

(Yes, I did get written authorisation from every Australian to speak on their behalf)

Random Hiccups said...

Was it as big of a production as South Africa made it sound? I thought it was totally classic. I've only ever heard negative things about Kyle and Jackie O...

As for the cricket: I don't like cricket. I just like when we win. Because I swing that way. Ps. Tell every australian that SA is better. Thanks. xxoo

CathM said...

Ah - the age-old competition between the cricketing nations. My hubby is Aussie and I'm Nigerian/UK... Thank goodness, neither of us are big on cricket, hey...LOL!

ScoMan said...

I didn't actually hear it, I just read about it on a news website afterwards.


Looks like there is video there now, but that's our take on it.

We all know SA is better. Actually my brother jumped on the SA bandwagon before the players even touched down. But we'll still beat you at Australian Rules Football, because you don't know the rules =p

Ron said...

Hey, why is that one player humping the ground? Is that a cricket thing? Must be on the Aussie team?

Cant wait for SA to play Canada in Hockey....

Rachel said...

What's cricket?

Just kidding. I'm not that dense.

But seriously, ask me what you do with those paddles, and I'm out.

Random Hiccups said...

CathM- Yeah not big on cricket either. But I'll pretend!

Scoman- I suppose you are right! If we knew wthe rules though... You'd be in trouble.

Ron- *blush* oh man it does look like he's getting it on with the grass.

Rachel- I don't really get the whole game. You protect a stick holding a stick and then when the opportunity arises you run to the stick opposite and trade the stick your protecting with your friend. Then he tries and protect his stick. Ummm.... yeah. sounds a bit too sticky for my liking.