Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where did the teenage mind go?

The other night I had a dream. It was a beautiful dream with 3 of my favourite celebrities; Sting, Bono, and the ever sexy Johnny Depp. Apparently most people's celebrity dreams are of a sexual nature mine are not so. Since this was my dream the four of us sat around a table ate Chinese food from Po's Kitchen (this is the BEST chinese in Hatfield. The name of the place will forever be shrouded in mystery because I can never rememeber it. It always be referred to as Po's kitchen becuase some Black guy named something I also can't remember who looks like Po on Kung Fu Panada works as the cashier there. He's really cool and great!) Anyway, so there we sat with our chopsticks and we discussed...wait for it... the influx of globalisation.

Unreal. I love studying, honest. I am one of those people who want to know everything I can about the things that I want to know about. But the influx of globalisation? Ouch. I think I am quickly losing my geek to fabulous ratio.

This week is my crazy lunatic week. It is the beginning of exams, and the last few 'midterms' that no one really planned for. Then I learned of a play that I had to write for Thursday. Curses. This play was really haunting me... 10 pages doesn't seem like a lot, until you realise you have no reason to write a play and thus no topic to write about.

After this dream though, I realised my inspiration-Youth Culture. What is it that sets the current youth apart from what I experienced? What is it that I experienced that they do not?

A large theme in the play is the importance of image in youth culture (Not just in the new millinium but even back in the 50s with James Dean and the Teddy Boys). Hillbilly Duhn put it very nicely here.

Another theme is the arbitrary use of profanity and the apparent image created through it. Even the idea of sexuality and religion were tackled.

I found these topics on the front page of a Cosmo. The views of the mag writers are the views in the play and honestly, as I read the play back I can't help but notice how ridiculous it is.It is this way because the culture which it is mocking IS actually ridiculous.

Sometimes I'd much rather dream dreams about globalisation with Sting, Bono and Johnny than live in this alternate reality called society.

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Hillbilly Duhn said...

My teenage mind. Ah, goodness, glad to be past that one! lol In raising a soon to be teenager myself, I can say that I've apoligized to my parents loads.

Society has changed a great deal in the almost 15 years that I've been out of high school, and I'm not sure that I can say its getting better. It seems that rules, or even personal morals and manners have gone flinging so far out the window they've gotten ran over by the society bus and the people in the bus crashed and burned. And they just happened to be the last of the people who had enough balls to stand up and stop the crap from happening.

I have a secret crush on Johnny Depp by the way. But, only when he's in Chocolat or as a silly pirate. (Something's wrong with me that I find Captain Jack Sparrow sexy...)