Thursday, October 23, 2008

As I watch 60s romance films...

Happy Friday everyone! OK so its actually 23h25 here but in a mere 35 minutes it will indeed be a very happy Friday! Honestly, it might even be by the time I finish this post. I found some 1960s movie on TV called The Angel Wore Red. It's actually very interesting!

So anyhow, I think it is time for a wedding update. I am no longer aiming for Bridezilla. Even though some may say I have already reached such monstrous status purely due to the external stress of exams.

The Fiance and I have *finally* found a venue. We are scheduling a tasting and life will be fantastic! We have decided on our floral arrangements and even our invitations. All we have to do is actually construct them. I found a dress AGES ago, then decided to continue shopping. I received such poor customer service there that I refuse to give them my hard earned money (OK so my PARENT'S hard earned money, but never-the-less, it is the principle) thank you very much. We have most our music for both the ceremony and the reception sorted and we found an awesome DJ (OK so its actually my brother, but he's actually FANTASTIC) I only have to find my progression song. How hard is it to find a song with only guitar with the right mood for a progression song? ugh. Wonderful readers, do you have any suggestions?

Like I said, exams are upon me. I have finished 2 so far, I have submitted my portfolio for my writing class and so that leaves 5 more. The 17th of November is my last exam. Yay! There is an old wives tale that if the flower of a Jacaranda tree falls upon the shoulder of a student it means they will pass their exams. Yesterday, my flatmates and I ran under every single Jacaranda tree in all of Hatfield hoping one beautiful bloom would fall on our shoulder. the closest thing I got was a rock stuck in my bare shoeless foot and a stick that fell into my cleavage. I am thinking I better study hard! :)

I have a question. I know some of my readers are also aspiring writers. I wrote a short story for my writing class and when I got my feedback I was really unimpressed with the comments my prof had. He pretty much told me he liked it. AGKK! That, to me, is the biggest insult. My hope is that people FEEL SOMETHING when they read it. Never would I ever desire that someone would just read something and 'like' it. So I am posting it on my other blog. This is the link to the short story. If you feel something...negative or positive... please post and let me have it! :)

I love it when I am right. It is 23h59 as I type this. So an official happy Friday to you all!!

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Hillbilly Duhn said...

"stuck in my bare shoeless foot and a stick that fell into my cleavage. I am thinking I better study hard! "

lmao - that made me laugh. If the flower didn't fall and instead all this happed, I would study hard too!!!!!

Good Luck!