Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby bro's aren't really babies once they can beat you up.

The other day was my baby bro's birthday. And it made me get all sad and stuff thinking that, freaking hell, he is 17! I was working when I was 17. I was fighting with my father about... something... And here is my brother taking up the slack and being a man.

My brother is a nutcase. Some of my favourite stories of him revolve around our family pet... Walter. Poor Walter is a mini dachshund. My brother loved this dog.

He must have been 6 years old. My mother called me into the bathroom to see what my brother had done. I knew then this was going to be good. I peered around the corner to see the dog in the toilet shivering. Joshua was flushing the toilet repetitively because he hadn't seen my mom and I yet. My mom asked him what he was doing. "I'm giving the dog a bath!"

Same dog, another day- Josh took Walter for a walk by attaching the leash and throwing the dog over the 6 foot tall fence. When Josh realised he couldn't jump over the fence he tried to pull the poor dog back. Here is the dog hanging by the throat over the side of the fence going up and down. My mother was mortified!

Josh and I have had so many good times. Like the time when he bit my butt while my dad was reading to us. Great times. Especially the day when our play fighting turned into him bleeding and me laughing. His kicking my behind in xbox and PlayStation and my... actually kicking his behind. Or telling on him (oh the glory of being the eldest!)

I love my brother!

Yosh, if you ever read this, know that I am ridiculously proud of you! Even though you can still be a pain in the butt!

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Your artistic view said...

I must say...this tribute to the baby bro....caused a great deal of LOL-ing. :) oh the joy's, I have two younger brothers, I'm the oldest, and the only girl. I understand those "wtf" moments, and the ones when you realize that they aren't 8 years old anymore. Oh life :)