Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Having kids

Two or so months ago my folks had an awesome business opportunity. My father owns his own company and this business has done EXTREMELY well. I actually can't believe it. There are now 4 almost 6 employees (I currently work there when needed and my fiancee might just be working there in the next few months as well as some random sales guy.) They will be open two years in March. I know. It's impressive. They were offered an all expense paid trip to Germany from their suppliers and, well, hello they totally took it. They left on Tuesday. Since it is holiday time I am back at my folks house from University and my kid sisters are home from school. I'm of course playing mommy while our mother is away.

Meet the sisters...

Allison is 9. She is a goodie-two-shoes who will do anything to make sure you still like/love her. Melody is 7. She on the other hand... oi. She's too much like me. She tells me today while we are walking to the supermarket that her greatest desire at this moment is to cross the street while the little red man is up. Because he can't make her not cross the road. I said, "Mel, there are cars driving when the red man is up. He's trying to protect you." She replies, "Well. I still want to. One day I will. And I'll show him." Glory.

They push, bite and kick each other. They pester me while I am working. Over- all this whole pretend mom thing sucks. Not that I haven't ever done it before, but then I had grown accustom to being at home. Now. Man. If it were up to me, and I didn't l-o-v-e the idea of being a pregnant woman carrying the child of the man I love.... I would never ever ever have a child. I feel as though I have been a second mother to these two- I am 11 and 13 years older than them. And I think I've got a pretty good idea of motherhood. No thank you. Until I see that pregnant lady waddle by. And I look at the Fiance and sigh, "Let's have a baby someday..." And he looks at me and agrees. Sooner than later. But just not too soon. After all, by the time the folks return and I go home this week might have burned some serious physiological skin.

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Your artistic view said...

This post has left me with a permanent smile on my face.
I have been a nanny for a little over two years now and I feel as If I can relate to this. Its hard for me to play "mommmy" to these beautiful children 5 days a week, and still desire to have my own children somewhere in the future. But even through the toughest of days with them, there are those sweet days where you look at them and think to yourself, yeah, I could do this someday. Life is funny like that.