Friday, October 10, 2008

To watch or not to watch...

I attract drama. Some people seem to thrive off it, magnetise towards it and dwell in it like a momma bear in her cave. Me, I am one of such people.

This becomes a tad bit easier to understand when I say that my two favourite TV programs are Grey's Anatomy and Army Wives. South Africa is a season behind the States in most programming and right now the beginning of the second season of Army Wives is showing. Let's just say I bawled my eyes puffy and red until 3 am one morning after watching the finale of season 1 and then again at the next weeks beginning of season 2. Every subsequent episode I re-live the moments of terror, agony, and sorrow experienced through the characters on the program that now I well up at the very mention of this program. It's down right pathetic.

Usually, I watch it with my 16 year old brother. He records it during the week then when I journey to my folks home for the weekend I watch it with him in the late hours of the evening and we (yes, even he) cry together. They are really special moments for us when we both feel like inseparable idiots... :)

Tonight, I got back much later than planned and the Fiance was over when we settled in to watch the latest episode. I snuggled against him thinking of the sweetness of the moment and his personal sweetness enduring such a 'girly' show when suddenly I realised that something felt obscenely out of place. A certain shudder came from the Fi. And as I looked up to see if my big strong man also needed consoling I realised... he was laughing. At my show. Laughing. And my brother not to be out laughed began his chant too. And there they sat laughing and I had the tears welling and the program was within its first 10 minutes. Without a recount of the entire events, it can be said that I did not get to enjoy the sweet drama leaking from every moment. Instead I got to fight ketchup being poured on my toes, kisses being stolen, and ticklish explorations of my armpits.

Why do I need to watch Army Wives with these men? When I am with them I get all the drama I need. But the lesson has been learned... When all I need is a good cry and some passionate drama I shouldn't rely on men to pull me through. But when I need a good laugh? Then I'll put my life in their hands. Because really, who doesn't love a nice ketchup-y toe once in a while??

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