Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holzer Art

This is from one of my favourite American conceptual artists, Jenny Holzer. Being a writer at heart I adore the way she used words in her art. No longer is art a picture, but it is something so incredibly broader. Some other Holzer works:

Fabulous! Love it?

And my favourite:
Ok and my other favourite (c'mon these are way too fabulous to just love one or two or three!)
So I have to be honest. I don't actually know the sites where I got these pictures from. I have been compiling her work for a while now and have completely lost the URLs for each pic. But they are awesome. yay!


Anonymous said...

I just saw your comment on another blog about pharmaceutical companies. Are you serious about the regulations?? You have NO idea about the regulations from EVERY country that a pharm company has to abide by.

Random Hiccups said...

Hey Anon! Read this post... It will better explain what I meant. Leave your comments if you wish... It would be great to hear what you think.