Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, Monday so good to me

It is Monday, the day of to dos. The day were I sit and notice everything that I have to accomplish before next monday.

This week is my get-important-things-done week. I normally live in Pretoria near the university. Since the last few exams are around the corner (ie next week) I have a week off and are spending it at my folks home. I do not have a South African drivers license and it seems as though my American one is not applicable for some odd reason. I have not been able to get my license because the stupid government run Home Affairs took so freaking long to issue me my identity document. Now that I have such document I can not get a booking for my test. Why? The entire system has been either fully booked or not working. Curse you Murphy. Curse you South Africa!

This week I am hoping desperately for a lift to the licensing department where I can hopefully get my learners. Hoping. Because I am about to get married and I can't legally drive. Lame.

I am hoping to study for my exams. Woo. No, I will be studying for my exams. Not hoping here.

I am hoping to find a less expensive but still GORGEOUS wedding gown. Hoping with strong hopes here....

I am hoping to organise the room my parents have given me after I move out of my flat and before I get married.

And there was one other thing.... Oh yes, I am hoping to sort out my inspirations for blogging in November. I would love to reach 30 posts in 30 days!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone! Get all your hope- to - dos and need- to- dos accomplished so that you can breathe free-er!


InkyFingers said...

I was married and in my twenties before I got mine, and then it was "look out world"! I came home from the test, driven by my husbands aunt, dumped her and got in my car and went for a drive! I still remember the feeling of freedom. I still get that way every once in a while after I've been trapped in the office all week.

Savy said...

Good Morining Elizabeth,

I feel your pain as I still don't have my drivers either because I went overseas straight after Matric and there is not much need for a drivers in London. I have now got my leaners and will be working on getting the drivers after exams. So good luck with getting yours :)
Also it's so awesome that you are getting married! I now know two people who are busy planning their weddings. My friend Claire just found the perfect dress so I'm taking that as a good sign for you all you have to do is keep looking :)
All the best