Wednesday, October 15, 2008

End of year blues? No ways!!

The kitchen tea was oodles of fun. My lovely friends dressed me in kitchen towels, gloves and irons. They made me eat salt. They gave me embarrassing gifts and beautiful items for my home. I was questioned relentlessly about how to remove stains from this and stains from that. (My best answer- pour lemon juice on it. If that doesn't work? Burn it.) Let's just say my housekeeping skills might need some serious developing. Apparently getting crayon wax off a wall only requires the use of toothpaste! (Someone give it a try and let me know if it works! :) )

We sat together eating cupcakes, drinking tea (champagne) :) and discussing life. Creeping into the conversation was, of course, the end of the year. We all move out of our flats in November. We are losing each other. Not everyone is as pessimistic as I - some of my other friends will be seeing each other next year. My flatmates though? One will resume living in our home. The other is moving back with her folks and getting an apprenticeship and I am getting married. Off we go to experience our different lives separately.

These girls have helped me with so much. They have brought me joy in the weeks when I could find none. They checked on me when I was so sick that I could have died. (Really I could have! No one else thought so. But honest. I could have died!) These girls prayed with me. They cried with me. We discussed politics, history, men, sex, world dominance and the future. We've had long conversations about the idea of edible panties, hijacking a chopper, and the politically correct term for male defecation. We know each other's mannerisms and quirks in the way that only flatmates can know each other. This year has taught me so much and they are so intrinsically linked to these lessons that I can't possibly lose their friendship.

So as the end of the year approaches I am filled with more excitement than fear because with each of us on our separate paths we can still carry each other. The lessons we have learned together - the ideas we have formed together- these will forever link us. Plus, gosh darn it they are coming to my first dinner party as a grown up married woman. And like duh! That's going to rock out! :)


Hillbilly Duhn said...

Windex works just as good as toothpaste.

But, I found the Mr.clean magic eraser is AWESOME. One swipe, viola, no more crayon.

Blech. End of the year = x-mas not ready for that yet. The list seems longer this year then any other.

Like your blog by the way! Dont' know if I've told you that.

Good luck with your tests and the like.

Random Hiccups said...

Thanks! Nice to know that you enjoy it!