Thursday, January 22, 2009

Myself as a six year old

When I was a kid I wanted to be a race car driver/dancer/pediatrician/teacher. I had it all worked out. I even had time in the afternoon after my lunch break to be a beautician if I so desired. There were so many hours in the day without nap time to do things that I desired. I truly believed I had the world at my feet.

And I did.

Despite my confidence at age 6, as I grew taller the days grew shorter. I am nearly 5' 11". The days are freakin' short now.

Age muddles things. Dreams are less clear as we fight cynicism. Things are not bright and shiny and crystally any longer. I no longer know how I will make my contribution to society. I feel fear. I feel regret and I feel hesitation.

Not everything has changed since I was six though. I am still naive. I am still ridiculously sassy. My hair still forms ringlets and despite training myself to stop believing in fairy tales, I do still believe in happy endings.

My happy ending is approaching.

Happy Endings may never be happily ever after. But the Fi is my happy ending. Marrying the Fi is my happily ever after.

(That might just be naive bride-to-be speaking, but go with it people. Just go with it.)


Hillbilly Duhn said...

The good part to that is, that your happy ending, is just the beginning of a wonderful life.

I still believe in fairy tales too.

ScoMan said...

Yes, Hillbilly Duhn is right. Whilst this may be a happy time for you, it is not the ending, there is much more happiness to come.

Although if you asked some of the people I know (men who have been married for 20+ years), they would tell you marriage is the death of happiness, but we won't go there =p

Random Hiccups said...

What happened to going with it?!

I am viciously excited for all the new stuff that is approaching and I do see this marriage as a beginging. |But I also see it as an ending to certain elements. These elements I am more than thankful to escape. So while my post may have sounded sad, it really wasn't. I am excided to see a closing to these things. I am excited for the new things.

Hillbilly- the moment we stop believing in fairytales we might just be in trouble! Everyone needs a little fantasy right? :)

Sco-man- Hooray for happiness! I like that one joke that goes: There are three rings in marriage. The engagement ring. The wedding ring and the suffering.

I think a man thought up that. Even though I like it. Cuz heck, it's funny. You can't deny the funny.

CathM said...

I got married in July 2007 (at the ripe ole' age of 35 - lol)! Marriage is only the beginning... of the next phase/chapter of your life. Keep dreaming and believing in fairy tales; and have fun along the way. I DO!

Tasha said...

"I am still ridiculously sassy."

Aww, a girl after my own heart. :P