Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mocking J Crew led to Mocking the biggest geek in the world

Confession Time

I said it.

The Fi and I were walking through a clothing store making fun of J Crew. Look at this:

Um. No. Not. Ever. J Crew. I. Am. Ashamed.

So we're makin' fun. Then I said it.

Referring to various other bloggers who, for some reason, adore J Crew, I mentioned my bloggin friends. Yes, I called you my blog friends.

The man who counts Star Wars and Lord of the Rings in his top 10 movie list, who awaited the arrival of the Xbox 360 version of Assassin. The man who does not understand that wearing an olive t-shirt with black pants and red running shoes is a fashion misstep christened me the geekiest person ever.

I know I have my cultured moments. How can you study English and Art History and not be a bit geeky. But referring to the blogsphere as my friends? Number 1 real world deadly sin.

I'm going to go sit down now.


ScoMan said...

Hooray! We're your friends! There's no denying it now, it's in writing.

If it's any consoliation, I consider the bloggers in the blogging world my friends as well. That's why my blog contains things even my friends don't know about. (And you probably thought it wasn't very personal)

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like bloggy friends!

Anna Lefler said...

From one bloggy friend to another...I happen to know that the entire Internet was invented just for the purpose of mocking J. Crew on a large scale.

True story.



Hillbilly Duhn said...

Yay to bloggy friends!

Chaka said...

It makes sense if you refer to total strangers who you share your thoughts and feelings with as "friends". It helps me to feel more normal than if we called it group therapy.

Random Hiccups said...

Scoman- Obviously we're friends. You are not going to exterminate me!

Yaya- I have got to agree! Yay!

Anna- Ah, the anti-J crew conspiracy. I like it...

Hillbilly- A gigantic hooray!

Chaka- Definately more normal. I like to think that blogging as a way to rid myself of negativity is way healther :)