Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My newest Love

South Africa is home so so many beautiful musicians.

Dave Matthews was born in Johannesburg. And we all know how I feel about him. Tree63 is from South Africa. Although their *questionable* musicality is another post for another time. Seether (previously known as Saron Gas) is South African. Stealing Love Jones (previously known as Love Jones) are also from good ole , uh here.

Lately it is not those bands that I am in awe with.

The airwaves have been filled with the most extraordinary song.

Prime Circle.

Prime Circle is South African extraordinaire.

Take a listen for yourself. Tell me what you are thinking about it. Personally, I give them a 9.5 *purely because sometimes I'm hard to please*


ScoMan said...

I loved it. Normally I don't take to new music, I have been set in my favourite few bands for a number of years now and don't tend to journey outside that, but I think if I saw Prime Circle's CD anywhere I'd pick it up.

Thanks for expanding my pallete!

sleepyjane said...

YES! Prime Circle! Seether and Prime Circle are my fav bands. (Two of them anyway) I've been to loads of their gigs here in Joburg - the last one was at Stones in Edenvale and I was like, two meters away from Ross. *swoon*

I've been a fan since the first album and own all three.

I'm just glad Highveld started playing more of their stuff.

Random Hiccups said...

Scoman- Glad I could introduce you to something new and exciting!

Sleepyjane- Can you see the jealousy seeping through my computer into yours? You were next to Ross?! How did you not faint? Or throw panties at him? Or both? BAH! That's pretty awesome! *swoon*

sleepyjane said...

J was like "Touch him! Hug him!" (while nudging me toward him) and I just stood there shell shocked. haha

Random Hiccups said...

That would have been legendary! Although I think I too would be gobsmacked (and maybe drooling) :)

Nicole said...

Love it and I only listenened for a few minutes. I will definitly look them up!

Sadiebug and her Mom said...

I really like this! I'm definitely going to check them out. Thanks!