Monday, November 10, 2008

The Phone Call of Destiny

I just got the phone call. Every BFF drools over the moment when their BFF from overseas wakes them up with a phone call to tell them something very exciting. Today I got that phone call.

Meeka called to tell me that her boyfriend got down on his knee and popped the ‘will you marry me question’. The subsequent sounds of joy that radiated from my mouth were not really words so much as squeals of joy and excitement. This is so exciting! Not only are we both getting married but we are getting married within the same year! We are so blessed to go from grade2 cuteness into grade 3-6 awkwardness together. We were blessed to go from grade6 into middle school awkwardness together. We were blessed to go from middle school into high school. Although I left before graduation and prom we ‘went through it’ together in spirit. We got our first tattoos together, fought with our dads together, found our faiths together and pretty soon we will both be going from single-dom to man- and-wife-dom pretty close to together.

So here's a huge shout out to my newly engaged BFF. Congrats Meeka! May your lives together always be full of joy and love.

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