Thursday, November 27, 2008

The normal Thanksgiving schpeel

Apparently today is Thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, Drink and be Merry.

Obviously Thanksgiving isn't a holiday (or even mentioned) here. This makes me sad because we could always use a little count your blessings time.

Blessing #1

There is a program that a local radio station is conducting. It is called the Christmas Wishlist by Highveld The idea behind this is that businesses donate goods in order to help people who have had a hard knock in life. This morning an 18 year old girl was the person helped. She was looking at raising R125 000 in order to pay for University. She had lost both parents recently and could not affford this despite being accepted into a very good design school. Standard Bank donated to her all the funds for her fees, meals and everything she would need for the next 3 years.

Generous people who care, this is Blessing #1

Blessing #2

Last night my mother stayed up late with me in effort to finish these damn invitations. Purely anyone who can tolerate me for that long deserves a metal. In this catagory are my incredible friends without whom I would be a blubbering mess of an idiot.

My friends and family is blessing #2

Blessing #3

The Fi. He never fails to make me laugh (even though sometimes its AT him)and to romance me. I am so thankful for him. *sigh*

Blessing #4

I have a job. I do not have a life-threatening illness. I have people around me who support me and those around who don't. I have a place to live. I have food to eat.

Life's big little things is Blessing #4

Blessing #5

Opportunities. There are few people whose pipedreams become reality. I really can obtain my dream. I have so many opportunities to do what I want with my life and that in itself is a HUGE blessing

These Top 5 things are the things that this little South African/ American is thankful for today.


sleepyjane said...

I love 94.7 wishlist! It's really very inspiring.

ScoMan said...

I'm Australian so we don't do Thanksgiving here either.

In fact, I was well into my mid-teens before I realised that Thanksgiving was not part of some Christmas ritual, and they were infact, two different days.

po said...

Wow, that Highveld thing is impressive. So cool!