Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cultured is now the politically correct term for Geek.

The last exam I wrote was my English grammar exam. *yes I realise that despite this class I sometimes say a lot of crap very badly*

Anyhow, We were waiting for the exam to begin when people sitting behind me began this convo:

Chick #1: What do you think about this class?

Chick #2: I think it's lame. Who could possibly enjoy a class about grammar. Its like, so boring.

Dude #1: You'd be surprised.

Chick #1: Ya, there are people who actually specialise in this subject.

Chick #2: Holy Crap! You're kidding! How geeky is that?!

Me: (shrink down staring and the giant yellow card in front of me... the yellow card that betrays my field of study. Yes, I am the geeky connoisseur of the English Language who is indeed specialising in grammar.)

My friend Pookie (She would hate knowing that I just called her that in public) has called me a geek since I moved to SA. I didn't read the right magazines, or watch the right TV shows. I did not attend the awesome parties even though I was invited (which apparently is the epitome of Geek-dom I guess). I listened to rock and roll. I tried to read as many books about as much as I could (which might actually BE the epitome of Geek-dom).

But I have decided. Geek is SO last year and now Cultured is the politically correct term and more widely accepted way to refer to us... special people. Plus it sounds more fabulous. And me? I am fabulous. or something. *sniff

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