Saturday, November 22, 2008

Patty Cake

I know what I want. I like lime green, orange, red, grey, brown and black. I do not like yellow. I do not approve of rainbows, flowers, bows or heart motifs. They make me vomit in my mouth.

In fact, to the great dismay of the amazing women trying to help me plan the decor of the reception, I don't ever accept (EVER) something at face value. Something will need to be changed, tweeked or just plain thrown out. I think these are good qualities for a bride to have as long as she can stick to her decision. Which I do. Mostly.

I am getting more and more excited for our four tiered chocolate sponge cake with buttercream icing and fondant. Finally got the picture of what I discussed with the cake artist to show the Fi and I think he is as excited as I am. (Although I think it has more to do with the cake being all chocolate than the design)
This is the design I want. Sort of. It will look like this, except the foundant will have a silver shimmer. The ribbons will be blood red and satin. And instead of weird, random leaves, I would love to have some exotic white flowers cascading down the edge. *sigh*

Our colours are apparently "difficult". It has been a mission to find anything in Blood red and chocolate brown. This cake though, it just worked. This, my blog-friends, makes me a very happy woman.

More pictures to come! Once we finish the invites and do a few mock ups of the table arrangements. (You see anal retentive bride means she and her team of magical women are compiling the music, centrepieces, invites and stationary, decor and set up of the venue. These fairies are the best for putting up with me!)



ScoMan said...

I like the sound of that cake. I also hope your wedding reception is better than the one I attended recently.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

That's a beautiful cake! I think with your personal touches or choices, it will be EVEN BETTER!!

Random Hiccups said...


Scoman- yeah, me too. There are alot of wedding horrow stories. The funniest one I have ever heard of was one my friend Nikki went to. A rooster got loose and pecked all the guests int eh shins. I can only imagine all the cock jokes at that one!