Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bertha is a stalker.

Facebook has enabled many different things. I am able to see when my friends hook-up/break-up/argue/cut their hair/stir their coffee and all the other GLORIOUS aspects of facebook-dom.

Its amazing the people who invite you. I wasn't really popular in high school because I preferred to keep a small group of good friends and a lot of acquaintances. These lovely folks that I hardly knew in high school ALL have invited me on Facebook. The cheer leading girls who drove me insane in gym class are living it up in France and the nerdy boys who sniffed snot all throughout English class are astonishingly good-looking and well rounded individuals.

Let me just say that I, Elizabeth, am anti-stalker. When I lived at the coast I had my fair share of 'stalkers'. I do suppose they were just love-sick puppies hoping for my number, but seriously following me to the beach/work/home/school is creepy. And a tad stalker-ish. Stalking is uncool.

Bertha, however, does not have the same ethical boundries that I have.

I know all this information about all these randoms because Bertha facebook stalks them. They invite me as friends, she checks out the photos and information they post and heck, I know more about them now than I have EVER known about them.

Bertha is creepy.

Then there are those blog comments she posts. Yes, Scoman, she does this to you excessively. She has the most outrageous way of sounding like a weirdo.

For this I apologise.

On behalf of Bertha.

She is a creep.

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ScoMan said...

Now you see why I didn't name my town in my last post. Because of people like Bertha.

And I know what you mean about weird people finding you on Facebook. The highschool bully who made my life hell added me.

Shameless plug, I wrote about it here