Friday, December 12, 2008

I like camping

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Its a 5 day weekend for me mostly because my company is taking off Monday and tuesdays is a Public Holiday. This is rad. My family and some friends of the family are all going to make a noise and party til the break of dawn. The Fi can only come part time since his silly boss demands he works on the Monday. Dumb.

So in essence tonight I will look like this

Except in colour. And there will be many more people. woohoo!

My top Seven Favourite things about camping are:

1. The Food. I don't eat bread, chocolate, or any other carbohydrate and I haven't for a month. This wedding means weight loss means no bread or anything like that. So camping means braais! (BBQs) and Potjies! (stewish stuff) and biltong (beef jerky but yummier!)

2. The Fire. burn baby burn.

3. The company. Camping means lots of friends which means lots of laughter and games! which brings me to numero 4

4. Games! I am the poker champion. Bring it on boys!

5. The Fiance. Obviously camping with him is great!

6. The wildlife. I love the possibility that a rhino will crash into my tent. (or not)

7. Camping makes me feel wild and unpredictable. I am just that hardcore!


Hillbilly Duhn said...


Contact me so we can exchange information and I can get the journal sent out to you!!

Michelle said...

I love camping. My favorite is the whole roughing it thing, and just having to make do with what you have, which usually isn't much. Too bad it's not camping weather in the States...

ScoMan said...

The last time I went camping I got into a fight with someone who was a good friend of mine.

The second to last time I locked myself into a tent and read for the week.

But you have fun =D