Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sorry to the men out there...I like weddings.

** this post is totally scheduled. I am actually getting dirty and chillin' with the wildlife... err... my family right now!***

I enjoy wedding planning. A lot. I have moments of thinking, "heck I could so do this for a living." I watch Whose Wedding and I can't help but think "I could do that!!"

Th problem is of course that finicky women drive me insane. There that goes off the radar. merr.


My bridesmaid Pookie is getting her dress made for her. LUCKY! It's gonna look like this:

The colours are blood red and chocolate brown. The main portion of her dress is brown with a red sash. She even found a brooch to wear like this:

*Sigh* She's going to look exquisite!

Tomorrow I'll continue the weddingness and post the invitation design since we got those done and out! Hooray!


ScoMan said...

I liked the dress. Very pretty.

Hula's Secret Blog said...


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

oooh!!! I like the dress! I just weddings too!

"Nana's Box"

Cyndi said...

That dress is beautiful!!

I loved wedding planning too. After my wedding, I couldn't watch wedding TV shows for awhile because it made me too sad. Enjoy every moment of it, it's over before you know it!!

InkyFingers said...

The dress is beautiful, but you will shine over all!

This must be a real rugged camping trip with your computer in hand! haha