Saturday, June 6, 2009


That's it. I am moving. I hope you'll be following me too.

I didn't get my own domain, but rather am in process of moving all my posts etc over to wordpress. I like their setup. I want multiple pages. The restriction of bloggeer is frustrating. Blogger was fabulous to step into the blog world on. Next step is Wordpress. It's like the pull ups you wear before the big girl panties.

I also think that in honour of being just a few posts away from the big 200th post, made me rethink my blog life.

It's time to dump the depressing name. It's time to unify my image. I don't know if I will be changing my twitter account yet. You all can still follow me there for the time being.

I havn't actually moved over to wordpress, I am merely warning you as I set up my blog over there.

Are you anxious to hear my new blog name?

I'll tell you tomorrow. I think it's perfect.


ScoMan said...

I'll follow you to the ends of the earth if it means I get to enjoy a few more of your posts.

Though just changing the link I have to click on to read your posts is a lot more convenient than having to get out of my seat.

InkyFingers said...

Man, I just got used to facebook and google, now you're going to throw something else at an old lady??

Random Hiccups said...

Aw, Grandma, I know that you can totally master this one! :) If nothing else, I'll put a link on my Facebook page. Then you can click there and explore away! :)

miss rambles said...

i will most def keep following:)

wordpress is way cooler than blogger u will see!!