Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keyword Wednesday

It's that time. The time when all your secrets are displayed on my stat counter. I know what you searched for to find me.

These are the recent keywords that readers have used to find me on Google.

Sometime I've gotta wonder...

1. Messy Beauty- This obviously links to Klara's Blog. But seriously. When I looked it up on google I got nothing but random ridiculous searches. What are you looking for?!?!(Unless you are looking for Klara's blog. And if that's the case, go check it out!)

2. One day as slave- we we forced to harvest tabacco. Are you serious?!

3. guyus as slaves- Sounds like porn to me! Try again later.

4. Tea for my aching tummy- Rooibos (or red bush)tea, honey. Does it every time.

5. letting go- It's hard. But a good Facebook clean out does wonders!

6. stood up quotes- If you don't stand up for something then you'll fall for anthing.

7. Best friend getting married letter- Glad they found me. I could totally help with that. Not.

8. mullet with a farmers tan - Oh the wonders of the internet

9. dahlingitsme- Hi.

10. oh my tummy aches- Why are you tellin Google?

11. funny crap to say- Now this is something I can help with!

12. why do people meddle?- Why the heck should I know?!

13. "the day of destiny" - Tada!

14. How to make my husband a slave- Um.

Pretty Nutso me thinks.


ScoMan said...

Haha those are great. I've been thinking about seeing what words lead people to me, but I'm a tad scared.

Mullet with a farmers tan? What?

And yes, you certainly can help with funny crap to say =D

Being Brazen said...

bwhahaha - Mullet with farmers tan - wtf?

Hillbilly Duhn said...

Yeah, though both Scoman and Being Brazen stole my words, I will repeat them anyway... Mullet with a farmers tan....LMAO!! Though trying to picture this, is becoming difficult. Is it the actual mullet that has a tan or the man wearing the mullet who is now only referred to mullet cause nobody can get passed his mullet?

That has the tan..